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Web Development Services

Our web development services include creating small, non-data driven websites to fully fledged data-driven websites, utilising PHP and MySQL. Since a lot of our experience is from technical writing, our web developers have gained a lot of experience as to what the majority of end users want in terms of "usability". As a result our web developers produce websites that are easy to understand and easy to navigate.

ScITech Consultants are happily undertake any web development project, regardless of its size. If you require just a few pages to create a simple "Home Page", or if you require a fully fledged data-driven website, our web developers are always happy to oblige.

Web Development Training Services

Our web development services can include training on how to maintain your website. This unique website maintenance training service gives you the flexibility to maintain your own website, and not be at the mercy of expensive web development companies. Once you are trained, if you have the need for our web development services again, we are always happy to oblige.

Search Engine Optimization Services

ScITech Consultants are happy to provide a FREE search engine optimization service to any client who uses our web design services to create a new website or update an existing website. Our web developers are familiar with the Page Rank (PR) algorithms that the Google search engine employs. We can not promise to get a client's web site to the top of the search engines, but we are very confident that the advice we provide and the web page design we employ will give our clients a reasonable chance of high rankings at Google. As an example of our ability to achieve high rankings on Google, why not perform a search for technical authors.

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