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Technical Documentation Services

Our technical documentation services include writing all types of technical documentation and marketing literature (brochure material). Our technical writers are all highly qualified, experienced, and can deliver documentation in a variety of mainstream, industry standard formats.

Our technical writers are happy to undertake the following technical documentation services:

  • write documents (technical and marketing) from scratch using a particular "company specific in house" style
  • write documents (technical and marketing) from scratch using a new style (determined by ourselves and the client after an initial meeting)
  • update existing documents (technical and marketing)
  • create a meaningful index for a document
  • design document templates (if you do not have an existing corporate style)
  • re-template a document from one format to another (for example, from Microsoft Word to Adobe FrameMaker)
  • create new document templates in a variety of industry standard formats
  • publish your technical documentation for the Internet
  • act as a consultants to advise a client of the best approach towards achieving their technical documentation requirements

Our technical documentation services are unique because, when required, our technical writers visit a clients site to work with developers, verification engineers and other in-house technical writers. Since all of our technical writers are highly qualified (many of them from research and development background), they have the ability to relate with developers at the correct level. The result is the production of end user technical documentation that is pitched to the correct level. Our technical writers are also happy to undertake verification tasks on-site or off-site, as required.

Your technical documentation

Technology is always changing and developing to meet the demands of the consumer. The more complex the product or service offering, the more important it is to provide clear, user orientated information. This information should be an integral feature of your product and not simply a necessary addition. Our technical writers specialize in creating documentation solutions to meet not only your requirements, but also those of your users. We offer innovative and cost-effective solutions, however complex your documentation requirements may be.

Working independently or as team members

Although our technical writers are based off-site, they work effectively in the broad spectrum of different environments that each client brings. Our technical writers can provide a complete or supplementary solution to your internal and customer-facing documentation, with the flexibility to fit in with your organisation. Our technical writers can act as an additional resource to an existing technical publications group, or manage complete technical documentation tasks that you can outsource entirely.

Acting as an additional resource to an existing technical publications group

Our team of technical writers integrate seemlessly within an existing team of in-house technical writers, and effectively liase with management staff as if they were part of the in-house team of technical writers. We use our own premises and equipment, bringing cost benefits to our client. We gather our own information from engineering/marketing sources, arrange progress meetings, and therefore exert the minimum strain on supervisory resources. We always keep our client up-to-date with regular draft deliveries and are used to complying with the most stringent deadlines. In addition to acting as a technical writers, we provide the other in-house technical writers with a high degree of technical support and peer review support. Our technical writers work closely with developers and often perform out of hours verification with verification staff.

Outsource a complete technical documentation task

Our team of technical writers also work extremely well as independent technical writers and can manage the entire documentation process. If technical documentation is not your core activity, it is an ideal activity to outsource. Our technical writers are very comfortable managing the entire documentation requirements for some or all of your products. We can plan document deliveries according to your project plans and will report progress according to your quality standards. Should you require the services of a verification engineer, our technical writers are also happy to undertake verification tasks on-site or off-site, as required.


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