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Technical Documentation Samples

The following table provides some samples of technical documentation that I we produced for some of our clients. The table includes the document name, a summary of how the work was undertaken, and a hyperlink to the clients web site.

If you want some technical documentation samples, please contact us with a reason why you would like to review them. We will then contact the appropriate client with your sample technical documentation request. If the client allows you to view their document we will arrange for you to sign a non disclosure agreement (NDA). After you have signed and returned the NDA, either us or the appropriate client will e-mail you the appropriate technical documentation sample.




Senses Portal User Guide

This document was created from scratch in 4 weeks (160 hours). After an initial two hour meeting with developers at the clients site, all of the work was undertaken off site by logging in and using the application.

Produced using Microsoft Word.


PCA Installation and Configuration Guide

MSCP Configuration Guide

MAR SNMP User Guide

MAR RDC User Interface Guide

These documents were created from scratch with varying time frames of up to 4 weeks (160 hours) each.

All of the work was undertaken off site.

Produced using Adobe FrameMaker 5.5 and Adobe FrameMaker 6.0.


MDL Installation and User Guide

TTM Technical Description and Configuration Guide

These two documents were created from scratch, including designing the template. After an initial meeting with project managers at the clients site, all of the work was undertaken off site by installing and running the clients software on a PC.

Both these documents were created within 4 weeks while running other documentation responsibilities, such as writing a supplement for Nortel Networks.

Produced using Adobe FrameMaker 5.5.


OPTera LH 1600 Protection Switching Procedures

OPTera LH Alarm Reference Guide

OPTera LH Trouble Clearing and Module Replacement (1)

OPTera LH Trouble Clearing and Module Replacement (2)

Note: These documents show extracts from the entire document, and not the entire document.

These documents were not created from scratch. Our technical documentation staff inherited them and were responsible to insert new procedures, new features and new sections.

A few site visits were undertaken in order to improve the usability of some of the procedures, and to verify all procedures (old and new). However, all of the actual documentation work was undertaken off site.

Our technical documentation staff worked as team members in a large team of technical authors, who were working on other documents from the same document suite. Our technical documentation staff took part in weekly group meetings that were in the form of a teleconference. During periods of writing inactivity (for example when new procedures were out for review) our technical documentation staff would peer review the documents of other team members.

Produced using Adobe FrameMaker 5.5.

Nortel Networks


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