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Our Clients

Some of our clients include big names in the telecommunications and mobile networks sectors. Each of our clients differ in size, and therefore the technical documentation services we provide to each client varies, depending on their needs and management structure.

Nortel Networks


Nortel Networks create a wide range of telecommunications products for the global market. ScITech Consultants have been assisting Nortel Networks with their technical documentation requirements, documenting a wide range of telecommunication products such as:

  • SDH/SONET multiplexers
  • optical long haul network solutions
  • optical switching
  • network management
  • Voice over IP
  • Cabinets and deployment solutions
  • Digital Power Line

The types of documents we have produced for Nortel Networks includes UNIX based Installation and Configuration Guides, Hardware Installation Manuals, Web Based GUI User Guides, and Optical Network Provisioning Guides.



LogicaCMG is a global solutions company providing management and IT consultancy, systems integration and outsourcing services. ScITech Consultants have been assisting LogicaCMG with their technical documentation requirements, creating a wide range of documentation for the latest LogicaCMG wireless Internet products and software solutions, including SMS, WAP and USSD delivery systems. We are currently producing:

  • Installation, Configuration and Maintenance Guides
  • UNIX based System Administration Guides
  • User Guides for GUI-based management systems
  • On-Line context-sensitive Help
  • Product Technical Overviews
  • Product Brochures
  • Training course presentation material

Until recently, we managed the documentation tasks, reporting into various project managers. We gathered our own information directly, making site visits as required. LogicaCMG now has a documentation manager who we report to and who collates information for us and provides a single point of contact for our information requirements. We are comfortable working with both systems and can therefore fit in with any management structure you have without compromising performance.



UbiNetics is a forward looking wireless communications company developing 3G, 2.5G and 2G products for wireless data and voice applications. ScITech Consultants have been assisting UbiNetics with their technical documentation requirements, and have created an Installation Guide and a User Guide for UbiNetics' 3G test equipment.



elata is a company dedicated to developing innovative mobile software solutions for the global wireless market. Since 1996, elata has focused on the mobile data challenge facing the industry - the vision and technological expertise of the team resulted in the elata senses subscriber services management software system. ScITech Consultants have been assisting elata with their technical documentation requirements, and have created a User Guide for each release of their flagship product, senses.


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